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Construction Site Security Services

A construction site may not have a proper building to protect but, everything from your valuable equipment to your inventory is kept in the open space. This is why the construction site needs protection like any other assets.

The construction sites and vacant homes are the most burglarized and vandalized locations in every part of the United States, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. It may surprise you to learn this, but this is why you need specialized construction site security guards like, AMEX Security Services that can patrol your site for 24 hours a day. Without adequate protection at your construction site, everything from cement to your valuable equipment and inventory can be traded for a profit. Learn more about the importance of hiring professional construction site security in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA today!

A construction site has unique challenges when it comes to security, and your construction site security company needs to understand and identify those challenges well. You need a security team that can effectively assess all the weaknesses in your site - areas where thieves and vandals might break-in. The construction security team in LA or OC, CA needs to be able to log and recognize all authorized personnel at the site and know who should and shouldn’t be where and when and be able to take the required action when called upon. They also need to be able to pay special attention to the valuable equipment on a construction site and know who should and shouldn’t be using it. Get the most reliable construction site security services with AMEX Security Services today and we’ll walk you through the process!


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If you aren’t sure who to hire for your construction site or if you are looking to improve your construction site security in Los Angeles or Orange County, CA you are in the right place. AMEX Security Services is your local company that provides quality construction site security guard services in Los Angeles and Orange county areas, at a reasonable price. We only hire the guards that are specialized in the field and retrain them constantly according to each site's requirements.

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Whether your construction project is already underway or you’re just getting started, you cannot waste any time to hire your construction security guard service. Don’t put your valuable equipment and inventory at risk. Call us today and we can talk about your security needs and start planning to protect your assets within your budget, while you focus and complete your construction job.

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Once you choose AMEX Security Services, you will find a professional management team with highly trained, field specialized security guards that will put your mind at peace for 24H a day. AMEX Security Services is your local company that knows what to do and how to do it. Call us today to learn more about AMEX Residential Security Services