American Express Security Services Offers Top-Of-The-Line Hospital Security Services in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

Hospital Security Services in Los Angeles & Orange County, California

We all expect safe service from healthcare facilities and hospitals. At AMEX Security Services, we understand the challenges for hospital administrators to operate hospitals safely and risk-free on a daily basis. While the doctors, nurses, other health professionals, technicians, and service providers have their crucial role to provide their best care for patients and visitors, the hospital security guards fulfill an important duty of keeping everyone safe. Hospitals hold information and valuable assets such as the enormous amount of personal data, expensive equipment, prescription drugs, other care products, and inventories which makes them appealing targets for thieves. Also, there are many areas in the hospital such as lab samples and prescription drug storage, or floors that accommodate high-risk patients which are not accessible for patients, visitors, and even for some staff members.

Our hospital security services help you manage and control access to these secure areas and make sure that only authorized individuals are accessing these locations by checking relevant credentials. This is another reason why hospitals need specialized hospital security guards that can keep them secure 24 hours a day to prevent theft while being ready to respond to any violent actions or incidents. AMEX Security Services offer security guard, patrol, and others such as escorting and locating patients as part of the guarding hospital security services.

Sometimes, tensions can run high in hospitals. Patients may have an unpleasant reaction to their diagnosis or treatment plan. Visitors may become impatient, wanting to know more about the health of their family members. These unfavorable reactions could lead to a feeling of uneasiness and fear among the other patients and visitors. AMEX’ hospital security guards are trained with the skills to deescalate the situation and restore calm and order. Our security guards are also trained to be the face of the facility and assist visitors in navigating the premises, helping them locate the correct department, restrooms, or cafeteria.


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