American Express Security Services Offers Top-Of-The-Line Real Estate Security Services in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

Security Guards in LA & OC, California

Private Estate Security Services contribute tremendously in creating a safe environment for any type of real estate premises including commercial, residential buildings, and hotels where there are many of us live, work or stay as tenants, employees, clients, visitors, and of course service providers.

We - AMEX Security Guards based in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA help maintain a safe and pleasant environment for real estate premises including corporate buildings, residential complexes, apartments, and hotels in Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Our presence ensures that everyone in the community, from the lobby to the executive suite feel secure enough and concentrate on their daily duties.

AMEX Security guards are trained to manage possible situations and confrontations in a professional, appropriate manner, and our procedures and protocols are tested and proven. Since your business is closely related to your reputation, AMEX Security guards in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA work as part of your team and treat your clients, visitors as to how you would treat them. Whether it is monitoring entryways, or dealing with an unauthorized visitor, or evacuating the entire building or campus due to the security threat, our estate security services cover situations with a high degree of professional courtesy.


Why Choose AMEX Security Services?


AMEX Security Services understands the priorities of guarding your real estate premises. Therefore, we only hire experienced estate security guards that understand their role and retrain them according to our requirement and our clients’ needs. Our presence makes the people in the building feel safe and welcome every day. Our security guards are trained to respond skillfully and quickly to a possible threat to eliminate the potential harm. Security guards’ scope of work at real estate premises varies from one location to another, but mostly it involves greeting people in the lobby, reception area, managing visitors, CCTV monitoring, controlling access cards or activities in the public areas, and patrolling parking lots or the other areas in charge.

Our security guards based in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA also work closely with the related local security agencies to ensure that our promises are kept all the time. Security guards have 24H access to the management team and local force to have the necessary support when needed.

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You cannot waste any time to hire your estate security services. Don’t put your people and assets at risk. Call us today and we are pleased to offer you a free site assessment and start to map out a plan for how to protect your premises within your budget, while you focus and promote your business.

Once you choose AMEX Security Services, you will find a professional management team with highly trained, field specialized security guards in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA that will put your mind at peace for 24H a day. AMEX Security Services is your local company that knows what to do and how to do it.