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Home Security Guards

We all want to feel safe in our homes. If you own or manage residential buildings, complexes the safety and security of your residents becomes your priority. Home security guards serve as first responders to any unfortunate, unusual, or dangerous incidents and cooperate with local agencies to ensure your residents and property are properly protected.

AMEX Security Services is your local company that offers residential security services in residential buildings, complexes in Los Angeles, and Orange County areas. We provide professionally-trained security guards for concierge security, doormen, and as security receptionists for residential buildings. While securing the premises remains the primary priority, our home security guards also take every opportunity to enhance residents’ quality of life. AMEX Security guards will be the face of your building. They not only monitor visitor traffic and enforce residential conduct codes, but can also assist with other residential security services such as receiving packages, hailing cabs. Each of our guards undergoes criminal-record checks and drug screening and has a confirmed employment history.


We routinely retrain our home guard guards including:

  • BSI training
  • SB 1626 California-required certification for Security Guards, developed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).
  • ​​Exposed firearms permits,
  • Baton,
  • Taser,
  • Pepper foam,
  • ...and much more!

Other Residential Security Services


AMEX Security Services also provide patrol services around the residential areas, creating a recognizable security presence in the streets and watching homes for any suspicious activity. The common duties of the residential security services include: foot or vehicle patrols; securing property entrances and exits; maintaining visitor and vendor logs; enforcing property and resident rules and regulations; responding to suspicious activity; managing emergencies; partnering with law enforcement; assisting residents and guests; reporting security events to management and more.

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Whether you own or manage a residential complex or you are seeking private security for an individual home, your local company AMEX Security Services got it covered. Call us today at 213-378-0041 and we can talk about your security needs and start planning to protect your residents and assets.

Once you choose AMEX Security Services, you will find a professional management team with highly trained, field specialized home security guards that will put your mind at peace for 24H a day. AMEX Security Services is your local company that knows what to do and how to do it.

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