American Express Security Services Offers Top-Of-The-Line Nighttime Security Services in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

Nighttime Security Services

Due to the increased theft or other crimes, the number of property owners and other businesses hiring private security guards is growing. These crimes or break-ins mostly happen overnight which clearly says that your building or property needs extra security when it is less occupied at nighttime. The properties without nighttime security presence, become an easy target for theft, vandalism, and other violence. The only way to prevent this nighttime crime would be enhancing your security measurements by hiring a reliable, professional security guards service.

Our trained, professional nighttime security guards offer important services for businesses that require additional oversight in the later hours. AMEX Security guards provide security monitoring services at night, including patrolling the perimeter, reviewing footage from security cameras, and controlling access to the restricted areas.


AMEX Security Services offers nighttime security guards and patrol services in Los Angeles and Orange County areas including industries and institutions such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail Centers
  • ​​Financial Institutions
  • Construction Sites
  • Public Organizations
  • Private Organizations
  • Private gigs and parties
  • Concerts and event venues
  • Corporate buildings and events
  • Casinos and other enterntainments
  • Emergency response to client needs
  • Vacant house checks
  • ...and much more!

Why Choose AMEX


We will protect your premises and employees after you leave your office every night. You would not have to worry about losing any of your sensitive information or important item when you hire a licensed, professional security guards like AMEX Security Services. Additionally, your residents, clients, business partners, investors, and shareholders will feel safe when you have reliable nighttime security guards protecting their business information or property.

AMEX Nighttime security guards have experience working in the properties or businesses operating in areas that are prone to a higher level of crime and offer an extra layer of protection and prevent possible criminal acts. We understand the need and duty of our nighttime security service and provide tailored service within your budget.

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Once you choose AMEX Security Services, you will find a professional management team with highly trained, field specialized nighttime security guards that will put your mind at peace for 24H a day. AMEX Security Services is your local company that knows what to do and how to do it. Call us today to learn more about AMEX Corporate Security Services