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Patrol Security Services

Business owners often choose mobile security patrol as it is a budget-friendly yet effective method of keeping their assets and premises safe. Often, just the presence of security personnel is enough to prevent crime and creates a safe feeling for clients. When you work with competent, professional, and fast-acting mobile patrol guards like AMEX Security Services, your employees, tenants, and property will be safe for 24/7.

At AMEX Security Services, we provide a wide range of mobile security services in Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Just to name a few, we serve for residential complexes, construction sites, commercial properties, and parking lots. Our uniformed patrol guards with marked patrol vehicles enhance the safety of your property and reduce the risk of vandalism, theft, violence, or other illegal actions. Our presence makes your property and tenants safe and promises you 24/7 peace of mind.


We offer security guards and patrol services including:

  • Property checks for residents
  • Scheduled day and night patrols and/or random patrol patterns
  • ​​Roving patrols in high-risk areas
  • Opening and closing of secured areas
  • Traffic control around the area
  • Parking enforcement and parking lot control
  • System maintenance reports (for example, lighting, sprinklers, gates & fences)
  • Responding to noise and nuisance complaints
  • Compliance enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Perimeter checks of borders and property lines
  • Assisting local law enforcement as needed/requested
  • Emergency response to client needs
  • Vacant house checks
  • ...and much more!

Why Choose AMEX


AMEX Security guards are trained to identify and address suspicious behavior or anything that is not normal to prevent issues before they occur. Our professional security guards also work closely with the local and state authorities to prevent potential threats and are able to respond and alert immediately in case of an emergency.

Once you choose AMEX Security Services, you will find a professional management team with highly trained, field specialized patrol security guards that will put your mind at peace for 24H a day. AMEX Security Services is your local company that knows what to do and how to do it.

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